The play structure installation is on Friday Sept 12 & Saturday Sept 13 and we need your help!

Friday 8AM-8PM: We will need help marking the site, digging holes, unloading, unpacking and assembly of the play structure.

Friday 8PM-Saturday 8AM: We will need volunteers to monitor and secure the site to ensure nothing is touched until it is set in concrete the following day.

Saturday 8AM-4PM: We will need help with pouring concrete, building a perimeter, installing weeping tile, shovelling and spreading wood carpet, and site cleanup.

No experience is necessary!There will be an installation expert from Park N Play to guide us. We just need people willing to lend a helping hand for your school and your community. We need 14 volunteers at all times during the day and 2-3 overnight. I am scheduling by the hour and can accommodate your schedule. Please contact Kim Brooks at or 306-775-2110 ASAP to volunteer. If you have already volunteered I will be finalizing the schedule and be in contact by September 8th! If you would like to donate food/beverage or assist with feeding the volunteers please contact .  Also, don’t forget to save your Boston Pizza receipts and send them to the office!                                        



Around George Lee

Linguist Bill Cook visited George Lee School to teach students the translation and pronunciation of the Cree version of "O Canada".  Click here to listen to vocalist Akina Shirt sing the Cree version.


Please feel free to visit Ms. Hines and Ms. Irvine's classroom blogs to see some of the exciting things they are doing at George Lee.



The Early Years Family Centre

Please feel free to visit for more infmation on The Early Years Family Centre.  We have relocated our Gathering Place site to Dr. Hanna school and we have also opened a third site in Miller High School - it's been a busy summer!!




Dear George Lee School families, 

We would like to invite you to take a peak at the wonderful programs being offered right here in your community!  There is something for everyone in the family and we encourage you to take advantage of these amazing opportunities to promote a healthy, active life at home and away from home.  We had a very successful registration night this past Tuesday but are happy to inform you there are still spaces available so don't delay!

For more information and to register please contact Mme O'Blenis (Program Coordinator for WALRGR Community Association) at  For a complete listing of the programs we are offering this Fall Session visit our website at  There is still space available for your favorite programs and so many new programs being offered this year!



Yours in health,   

WALRGR Community Association



Dates to Remember

Thursday, Spet 4th - QSP Fundraising kick off assembly 11:00 am

Monday, Sept 8th - SCC meeting at 6:30 pm

Friday, Sept 12th - Headstart Band Clinic 4 - 9 pm

Saturday, Sept 13th - Headstart Band Clinic 8:30 - 11:30 am

Thursday, Sept 18th - ALL QSP orders due today

Monday, Sept 22nd - Open House ad BBQ 5 - 7pm

Monday, Sept 29th - Picture Day 

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