Virtual Conferences

We are inviting our parents/guardians to join us VIRTUALLY to meet with your child/children's teachers. To access your teachers conference schedule please click on the links below. 

Kindergarten conferences will be held on Feb 9th & 11th. Please note - There is NO SCHOOL for KINDERGARTEN  A students on Wed, Feb 9th and no school for ALL students on Feb 11th. Kindergarten B students WILL have class on Thurs, Feb 10th.

Ms. Browne KA

Ms. Browne KB

Miss. Rudichuk 1A 

Mrs. Green 1B 

Mrs. Bodnar 2A 

Miss. Kerster 2/3A 

Ms. Gelinas 3A 

Mrs. Rieger 3B 

Miss. Sartison/Ms. McLeod 4A 

Ms. McNutt 4/5A 

Mrs. Barber 5A 

Ms. Brewer 5/6A 

Mrs. Zimbaluk 6/7A 

Mr. Riddell 7A 

Mr. Scherle 7/8A 

Mrs. Schapansky 8A