Fall Conferences

Fall Conference time is quickly approaching. This year, we have moved our conference dates up from the usual November date and will be holding them Oct. 7 and 8. We invite you to click on your teacher's name below and book a time to have a Zoom conference. You can conference with just the teacher or you can invite your child to conference with you. This is a time for touching base with our families and setting goals, as teachers have not had the usual few months to get to know and assess their students. If you have any difficulties accessing the sign up platform, please contact the school or your teacher/s directly. 

Looking forward to connecting with our families and planning for the upcoming school year. 

Mrs. Schwartz (K) 

Miss Rudichuk (Gr. 1) 

Mrs. Green (Gr. 1) 

Mrs. Bodnar (Gr. 1/2) 

Miss Kerster (Gr. 2/3) 

Ms. Gelinas (Gr. 3)

Mrs. Rieger (Gr. 3) 

Miss Sartison/Ms. Mcleod (Gr. 4) 

Ms. McNutt (Gr. 4/5) 

Mrs. Barber (Gr. 5) 

Ms. Brewer (Gr. 5/6) 

Mrs. Zimbaluk (Gr. 6/7)

Mr. Ridell (Gr. 7) 

Mr. Scherle  (Gr. 7/8) 

Mrs. Schapansky (Gr. 8)