Math Web Sites

Pi Day Links

Pi Search Results:  Use this to enter a special number (birthday, etc) and see where that number comes up within Pi

Learn about Pi with Max and Morty

Song/Video About Pi

Dr. Math Explains Pi

Videos to Explain Pi



General Math Sites:

Great Resource based on Math Makes Sense Resource (Divided by Unit)

Math Practice- Based on Curriculum Outcomes!

Links based on Grade 7 Saskatchewan Curriculum Outcomes

Math Mayhem - Practice your Math facts.

Great site on many Math concepts including interactive games

Interactive Math Games

Virtual Manipulatives

Create a Graph

FREE Downloadable Math Games

Illuminations - Virtual Manipulatives and much more.

Abacus Math Challenges

Figure This - Math Challenges

IXL Math Skills

I Know That - Math Skill Practice

Math Bits

Interactive- A site that gets you involved.  Choose from a variety of topics.


Unit 1: Patters and Relations

Base 10 Blocks - represent numbers

Place Value

Number Patterns

Order of Operations Fun Brain Game

Order of Operations Lesson and Practice


Unit 2: Integers

Jeopardy Game: be prepared to add, subtract, mulitply and divide integers!

All About Integers: Links to many games about integers

Line Jumper- adding integers using a number line

Math Balls - compare and order integers

Adding Integers

Adding Bigger Integers

Subtracting Integers

Subtracting Bigger Integers

Quia Integer Practice - challenge yourself by going beyond adding and subtracting of integers


Unit 3: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents & Unit 5: Operations with Fractions

Tip using Percents

Plan a Park - Using fractions and percents

Gamequarium - Variety of Fraction Games

Triplets - a game of equivalent fractions

Fraction Name and Picture Math

Fraction Eaters - Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions - Lesson and Game

Fresh Baked Fractions

Quiz Tree Fractions - Don't let the grade level make you think it is too easy. Give it a try!

Jamit Fraction Games

Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers - Choose from 3 different games to practice your skills!

Jamit- Improper Fractions/Mixed Numbers

Improper Fractions/Mixed Numbers - Practice converting!

Reduce Fractions - Lesson and Game/Practice

Comparing Fractions with Jamit

Fraction Monkey's

Melvin's Make a Match- explore equivalent fractions!


Unit 4: Circles and Area

Banana Hunt- measuring angles

Fruit Picker - Practice using angles!

What's My Angle - Mini-Lesson on basic angles.

Squirt the Dog - Playing with angles

Hit the Target - Challenge yourself by estimating angles.

Definitions Related to Circles


Unit 6: Equations

Learning and Practicing with One Variable Equations

Algebra Games - Lots of links to games to play.  Try the Algebra Basketball!

More Algebra Games - Links to great games!


Unit 7: Data Analysis


Mean, Median and Mode Song

Mean, Median, Mode, & Range Games 

Virtual Manipulatives


Unit 8: Geometry

Plot the Points Game

Graph Mole

Symmetry Activity

Co-ordinate Game

Catch the Fly- working with coordinates

Hidden Craft - working with coordinates

Billy Bug and his Quest for Grub - Coordinate Grid

Transformations- Is it a slide? Flip? or Rotation?